Valdemaran Lute

Valdemaran Lute image
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Name: Valdemaran Lute

Place of origin: Central Valdemar

Time period: 4th centruy, AF

Classification: Chordophone


This fine Valdemaran lute is exactly the kind that Vanyel would have played in Magic's Pawn, the first novel of Mercedes Lackey's Last Herald-Mage trilogy.

The lute is made of fine wood carved and polished until its tone is rich and its resonance is maximized. The belly of the lute is etched with the crest of Valdemar, proving its authenticity.

Very much like the gittern, this lute is played by a single player. One hand, usually the left, is used to press down on the appropriate strings while the right is used to strum.

The lute also comes with its own padded leather carrying case. Ones with demon scratch marks are also available.